JIU is conveniently located near Narita International Airport, gateway to the world.

JIU Main Campus
1 Gumyo, Togane City, Chiba 283-8555, Japan

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Arriving by Air

  • Transportation from Narita Airport
    Take the Japan Railways (JR) Narita Line, Sobu Line and Togane Line (Narita Air Terminal O Narita O Sakura O Naruto O Gumyo).
    You can also take a JIU shuttle bus from Keisei Narita station (in front of the Sumitomo Insurance building, facing the bus roundabout at the east exit of the station).
  • Transportation from Haneda Airport
    To Togane, take either an express bus operated jointly by Chiba Chuo Bus and Tokyo Airport Limousine, or a "Seaside Liner" express bus operated jointly by Keisei Electric Railways and Chiba Flower Bus. This access route is convenient for those who are unfamiliar train and monorail transfers.
  • Express Bus (Chiba Chuo Bus Company)
    Operating between Haneda airport and JR Oami station. From Oami station to the university, take a Togane Line train or a JIU shuttle bus.
  • "Seaside Liner" Express Bus (Keisei Electric Railway & Chiba Flower Bus Companies)
    Operating between the Hamamatsu-cho World Trade Center Bus Terminal and Naruto, with stops at the Mizuho Bank opposite the JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Central exit, JR Togane Station and Ienoko. To reach JIU, get off the bus at JR Togane Station and take a train. You can also get off at the Ienoko bus stop and walk to the university in about 15 minutes.

Bus Schedules at Chiba Togane Campus

To Chiba Togane Campus
From Tokyo Sta. Yokohama Sta. Kisarazu Sta. Nishihunabashi Sta. JIU Global College
(Kioicho Campus)
Soga Sta. Oami Sta. Togane Sta. Naruto Sta. Narita Sta.
7 40 20
8 10 10 25 35 50 50 15
9 00 05
10 10 20 15 50 30 45
11 55 35
12 10 40 10
13 55 15 30 45
14 10 35
15 00 50 05 30 45
16 05 05
17 10 00
20 00
From Chiba Togane Campus
To Tokyo Sta. Yokohama Sta. Kisarazu Sta. Nishihunabashi Sta. JIU Global College
(Kioicho Campus)
Soga Sta. Oami Sta. Togane Sta. Naruto Sta. Narita Sta.
9 20 20 30 50 40 40
10 25
11 15 30 30
12 15 50 45 45
13 00 05 45 45
14 40
15 00 15 05 05 05 05
16 50 50 50 45 45
17 00
18 30 20 30 20 20
Travelling time(Fee)
Station Travelling time Fees(one-way)
Tokyo Sta. 1h10min. 600YEN
Yokohama Sta. 1h40min. 900YEN
Kisarazu Sta. 60min. 500YEN
Nishihunabashi Sta. 60min. 400YEN
Soga Sta. 45min. 200YEN
Oami Sta. 25min. 100YEN
Togane Sta. 15min. 100YEN
Naruto Sta. 10min. 100YEN
Keisei Narita Sta. 50min. 300YEN
JIU Global College
(Kioicho Campus)
1h30min. 700YEN

•The traveling time for commuting may change depending on the road conditions.
•The shuttle busses cannot have passengers beyond their capacities.
•The shuttle busses run from Monday to Friday. The busses don't operate on Sundays and holidays (except school days)
•The shuttle busses don't run during the long holidays. The bus schedule is subject to change according to the events on campus.
•The shuttle busses run only when classes for JIU Global College take place at Kioicho Campus and when students who've registered for the classes use them.
•For those who request a shuttle bus departing at 8 p.m. from the Kioicho Campus, please contact the front desk of the Administrative Office in the Building No.3 of Kioicho Campus by 4:35 pm.
The bus stop: in front of the Mizuta Memorial Museum Oishi Fossil Gallery in the Building No. 3

•In the event that the Aqua Line is closed, the shuttle buses to Yokohama will only run between JIU and Kisarazu.
•Due to a rule in Japan, you cannot pay for the bus fees by cash. Please purchase the coupons or vouchers in advance. (The coupons are available at the Accounting Office in the Main Building, and the vouchers are available at the 1F of the Building A at Togane Campus.)

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