Kenji Sugibayashi
President, Josai International University
Toyama University, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, 1974
Toyama University, Graduate School, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences Master's Course, 1976
Ph.D., Physical pharmacy, Gifu Pharmaceutical University, Thesis,1981

Josai University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Research Assistant, 1976
Josai University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lecturer, 1985
Josai University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor, 1989
Josai University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, 1998
Josai University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dean, 2010
Josai International University, Vice President, 2013
Josai International University, President, 2017-

Character building through learning

JIU prides itself on its youthful ambition and energy, on its commitment to forming the characters of young people with dreams and noble visions of working for the benefit of both local and international communities. The university is guided by the spiritual legacy of its founder, a mission of "character building through learning", in helping students to make themselves responsible individuals and members of society at large.

JIU provides much more than specialized and liberal education in the classroom. The university also offers three practical training programs which focus on the use of foreign language and information processing skills for planning and implementation, and on the development of the abilities to take the initiative in term endeavors.

The first of these three programs, "field training", was first introduced in Japan by JIU and includes a variety of internships and on-the-job training. The second program is "project training", in which students undertake various projects which they have conceived and planned on their own. The third is "career education", in which students choose their future occupations and start to prepare for their careers by developing their own capabilities. Through these and other training and education programs, JIU helps students to find their mission in life and offers them solid support with specific preparation training.

Mikio MIZUTA Founder, Josai University Educational Corporation


Mikio MIZUTA, founder of Josai University, was born in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture. Elected to the House of Representatives for the first time in 1946, he was appointed Minister of Finance seven times and served in that capacity for a total of twelve years during his political career, beginning with the first administration of Prime Minister Ikeda in 1960. His contribution to Japan's economic growth and international status is universally recognized.

Minister Mizuta maintained an enthusiasm for education as a means to cultivate human resources since his days as a young elementary school teacher in his hometown. His efforts in that area resulted in a system of compulsory education paid for by the National Treasury, and government aid to private schools. He founded Josai University in April 1965 as one of his long-cherished dreams.

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JIU: A Global Vision

Josai International University opened in April 1992 with two faculties and two departments: the Department of Management and Information Studies in the Faculty of Management and Information Sciences and the Department of Intercultural Studies in the Faculty of Humanities. In April 2005, the university will have seven departments in five faculties, and four graduate divisions.

To prepare students for employment in a broad range of fields, courses in English and basic computer skills are required in all departments. For broader perspectives and more sophisticated problem-solving abilities, students may take courses in other departments and the credits earned in these courses will be counted towards the credits required for graduation.

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