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1.日本語プレイスメントテストの結果について・Results of the Japanese Language Placement Test

*注意/ Please note


Graduate students do not need to attend the orientation as they are not required to take Japanese language courses. We have posted the results here, but this is just to give you an idea of where your level is now.

プレイスメントテストの結果と資料・Placement test results and materials.
Download the orientation material for the orientation you are attending.

*International students taking classes at the Kioicho campus should download this document.

ここからダウンロード:DOWNLOAD here>>>紀尾井町資料・Kioicho Materials

N1レベル/N1 level
>>>ここからダウンロード 資料:オリエンテーションに必要な書類なのでオリエンテーションに持ってきてください。
>>>DOWNLOAD here Materials: please bring these documents to the orientation as they are required for orientation.

BG2022-415         BG2022-418         BG2024-165         BG2024-205
BG2024-807         BG2024-810         BG2024-812         EA2024-001
EL2024-006         EL2024-007         FF2022-077         FF2022-080
FF2022082           FF2024-030         HK2022-106         HL2024-033
HL2024-034         HL2024-069         MB2024-001        MB2024-009
MB2024-031        MB2024-041        MI2024-033         MK2024-003
MK2024-020        MK2024-021        ML2024-004         MS2024-010
MS2024-024         MS2024-031         MW2024-002        TW2022-108
TW2022-110        TW2022-112        TW2022-113        TW2022-117
TW2022-120        TW2022-121        TW2023-068        TW2024-054
TW2024-057        TW2024-061        XA2022-403         XA2022-405
XA2022-408         XA2023-484         XA2024-468         XA2024-470
XA2024-476         XA2024-803

N2レベル/ N2 level
>>>ここからダウンロード 資料:オリエンテーションに必要な書類なのでオリエンテーションに持ってきてください。
>>>DOWNLOAD here Materials: please bring these documents to the orientation as they are required for orientation.

BG2022-409         BG2022-419         BG2024-083         BG2024-122
BG2024-163         BG2024-164         BG2024-247         BG2024-286
BG2024-287         BG2024-801         BG2024-804         BG2024-805
BG2024-806         BG2024-809         EG2024-001         EG2024-002
EL2024-002         EL2024-005         FF2022-078         FF2022-079
FF2024-013         FF2024-014         FF2024-016         HK2022-103
HK2022-105         HK2024-025         HK2024-076         HL2022-084
HL2023-081         HL2024-035         HL2024-067         HL2024-070
MB2024-010        MB2024-044        MG2024-002        MK2024-009
MK2024-014        MK2024-016        MK2024-018        MK2024-024
MS2024-017         PC2024-008         TW2022-109        TW2022-111
TW2022-114        TW2022-115        TW2022-118        TW2022-119
TW2023-067        TW2024-025        TW2024-026        TW2024-030
TW2024-031        TW2024-041        TW2024-055        TW2024-056
TW2024-060        TW2024-062        XA2022-406         XA2023-482
XA2023-483         XA2023−485        XA2024-429         XA2024-430
XA2024-431         XA2024-432         XA2024-433         XA2024-434
XA2024-437         XA2024-467         XA2024-469         XA2024-473
XA2024-475         XA2024-802         XA2024-805         XA2024-806
XA2024-807         XA2024-808         XA2024-811         XA2024-813

中級レベル/ Intermediate level
>>>ここからダウンロード  資料:オリエンテーションに必要な書類なのでオリエンテーションに持ってきてください。
>>>DOWNLOAD here  Materials: please bring these documents to the orientation as they are required for orientation.

HK2024-008         BG2022-411         BG2022-416         BG2024-040
BG2024-041         BG2024-123         BG2024-204         BG2024-245
BG2024-288         BG2024-803         EG2024-003         EL2024-004        
EW2024-001        FF2022-081
FF2024-029         FF2024-031         HK2022-104         HK2024-026
HK2024-051         HL2024-032         HL2024-068         MK2024-030
MS2024-006         MS2024-009         MS2024-015         MW2024-006
TW2022-116        TW2024-023        TW2024-024        TW2024-027
TW2024-029        TW2024-058        TW2024-062        XA2024-435
XA2024-436         XA2024-438         XA2024-474         XA2024-801
XA2024-812         XA2024-814

欧米系/ English-speaking exchange students

>>>ここからダウンロード  資料:オリエンテーションに必要な書類なのでオリエンテーションに持ってきてください。
>>>DOWNLOAD here  Materials: please bring these documents to the orientation as they are required for orientation.

*English-speaking students who have never studied Japanese and have not taken a placement test should join this orientation.

EK2024-005: N5A              EK2024-008: N5A              EK2024-003: N5B
EK2024-004: N5B              EK2024-006: N5B              EK2024-007: N5B
EK2024-001: N4/N3
EK2024-002: N3

*If you think you are at N4 or N3 level rather than N5, you can download it here.

>>>ここからダウンロード DOWNLOAD here: N4
>>>ここからダウンロード DOWNLOAD here: N3




教室 レベル
G3-114 中級レベル
G3-110 N2レベル
G2-109 N1レベル
G2-108 欧米系交換留学生


教室 レベル
G3-114 中級レベル
G3-110 N2レベル
G2-109 N1レベル

2)Date, time and place of the Japanese language course orientation (make sure you attend the correct orientation.

Tuesday, 2 April 12:50- Target students: Faculty of International Humanities, Faculty of Tourism, Faculty of Management and Information Sciences (Kioicho Campus,Togane Campus) and English-speaking exchange students.

Classroom Level
G3-114 Intermediate level
G3-110 N2 level
G2-109 N1 level
G2-108 English-speaking exchange students

15:30- Target students:Faculty of Social Work Studies, Faculty of Media Studies (Togane Campus &Kioicho Campus))

Classroom Level
G3-114 Intermediate level
G3-110 N2 level
G2-109 N1 level