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ベトナムの小・中・高校 にJIUと留学生別科の説明会を行いました



 2024年1月にベトナムにあるチュオン・ビン・キー小学校 - 中等教育学校 - 高等学校 ロン カーン ドンナイとゴイサオ中学校・高等学校に訪問し、説明会と在学生と交流を行いました。
 In January 2024, JIU visited Vietnam to give information and interact with Vietnamese students at Truong Vinh Ky Elementary, Junior, and Senior High School in Long Khanh Dong Nai, as well as Ngoi Sao Junior and Senior High School in Ho Chi Minh city.

 Since Japanese language education has not yet been instituted at either school, many of the students did not know much about Japan, but when we presented about Japan, Josai International University, and the JIU Japanese Studies Program, the Vietnamese students and teachers listened with great interest. We had a very enjoyable and meaningful exchange program.

◆チュオン・ビン・キー小・中・高等学校ロン カーン ドンナイ(TVK)において
Truong Truong Vinh Ky Elementary, Junior, and Senior High School (TVK)  in Long Khanh Dong Nai

Scene of the exchange meeting


TVK副学長 グエン ホアン ズイ 氏
Mr. Nguyen Hoang Duy, Vice-Principal of TVK

 2024年1月8日にTVKを訪問しました。TVKの卒業生であり、また現在留学生別科の職員であるボー ゴック トゥイ フォンが、TVKの教職員及び学生約1500名を前に自分が日本へ留学し学んだ経験やJIUの紹介をしました。先輩ということもあってか、生徒たちからは興味をもって、JIUの学部構成や日本語の勉強の仕方、そして留学準備や日本での生活について多くの質問がありました。
 On January 8th, 2024, we visited TVK. Mrs. Vo Ngoc Thuy Huong, as a graduate of TVK and a current staff member of the JIU Japanese Studies Program, introduced her study abroad experience in Japan and JIU to about 1,500 TVK faculty, staff, and students. The students were very interested in the presentation and asked many questions about JIU's faculty structure, how to study Japanese, preparation for studying in Japan, and life in Japan.

JIU's Introduction Corner


Exchange meeting with TVK faculty and staff


TVK students talked vividly about their plans for higher education


◆ゴイサオ中・高等学校において Ngoi Sao Junior and Senior High School in Ho Chi Minh city
 2024年1月9日にゴイサオ中・高等学校を訪問しました。ド ティ タン ティエン校長先生と面談でき、今後のサポートを約束していただきましたが、残念ながら訪問当日は試験期間中のため生徒たちには会えず、1月27日の学園祭でJIUのコーナーを作って宣伝をしてくれることになりました。
 On January 9th, 2024, we visited Ngoi Sao Junior and Senior High Schools. We were able to meet with Principal Do Thi Thanh Thien, who promised to support us in the future. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet with the students on the day of our visit due to an exam period, but Mrs. Do agreed to create a JIU corner at the school festival on January 27 to promote JIU.

ゴイサオ中・高等学校ド ティ タン ティエン氏
Mrs. Do Thi Thanh Thien, Principal of Ngoi Sao


JIU corner at the school festival

 JIUに進学したゴイサオ中学校・高等学校の卒業生の3名(グエン ゴー ミン ティエン、グエン ドゥク ティン、レ タン フー) は先輩としてゴイサオ中学校・高等学校に在学中の後輩と対面とオンライン交流を行いました。先輩方の経験やアドバイスをいろいろと聞いて、日本への留学することについて理解が深まり、ワクワクする様子が見られました。また、校長先生からも「JIUに安心して学生を引き続き送りたい」とコメントをいただきました。 
 The three seniors who all graduated from Ngoi Sao Junior and Senior High School as well as​​ JIU, Mr. Nguyen Ngo Minh Tien, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thinh, and Mr. Le Thanh Phu, had face-to-face and online exchanges with juniors currently enrolled at Ngoi ​​Sao. After hearing various experiences and advice from the seniors, ​​the juniors seemed to gain a deeper understanding and excitement about studying in Japan. The principal also commented that she feels comfortable with JIU and wants to continue sending students there. 



Exchange meeting ​​between students from Ngoi Sao and JIU alumni who had graduated from Ngoi Sao 


 Through the visits to the two schools and the online exchange meeting, we realized that Japanese language education ​​can be provided online and that ​​in the future more high school students from Vietnam will be coming to study at JIU. In the future, we would like to cooperate ​​more with teachers to establish a system to smoothly accept students from Vietnam and other ASEAN countries at the JIU Japanese Studies Program for International Students.