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日中クラブ交流会 An online meetup




An online International meetup and Language exchange event for international students who are studying in our Japanese program and Japanese students(undergraduates) was held on Nov. 13th, friday.
This event gave opportunities for students to make new friends and practice Chinese and Japanese.
Students worked in pairs, communicated in a language that is not their mother tongue to introduce themselves, and got to know their partner.
Like a true language exchange, when they couldn't understand something they were able to use their own language to increase their understanding. Students unsure of themselves and even beginners felt at ease to join in this exchange.
After that, everyone presented on what they learned from their partner to the rest of group.
It was a wonderful time to learn the real spoken language of the culture.

Nicchu-club's member.

Today's first theme was "Nice to meet you". Together they got to know one another.
Even though they haven't met before their shared interests made them enjoy their time greatly.

The Bekka students spoke in Japanese. They were nervous to talk to native speakers but they had a lot of fun.

When they didn't understand they worked together to teach each other.
Everyone is doing their best to communicate well.