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Diploma Policy, Curriculum Policy, and Admissions Policy カリキュラム

Diploma Policy

GSIA grants the degree of Master of Arts in International Administration to those students who fulfill the following criteria.

Students should be able to find essential issues and find theoretical and pragmatic solutions in the fields of Public Policy, International Politics and Economics, International Business, and Tourism.

Students must have attained deep knowledge from an international perspective and interdisciplinary in nature, and must have acquired practical and specialized skills and cultural adaptability needed for professional positions requiring a high-level specialization.

Curriculum Policy

Based on its educational and research purposes, GSIA has developed a curriculum in accordance with the policies given below. The curriculum is intended to nurture professionals, researchers, and educators who possess international and interdisciplinary knowledge, are well versed in areas including Public Policy, International Politics and Economics, International Business, and Tourism, and have high levels of specialized knowledge enabling them to make meaningful contributions in international settings.

International Administration Theories and Methodology: Students must obtain basic study and research capabilities through theory and methodology coursework required for all study domains.

Domain Studies: Coursework shall be organized in four areas enabling students to systematically gain specialized knowledge in their chosen domain.

Case Studies: Each of these courses shall liberally incorporate practical activities with the aim of linking knowledge and practice.

Special Lectures: Coursework in this area shall strive to further broaden international knowledge and skills.

Seminars: Classes shall help students work from a foundation of specialized knowledge to develop issue-identification, problem-solving, and communication skills, together with the ability to think critically, logically, and constructively. Seminars shall be compulsory coursework and shall include the preparation of a master’s thesis or project research report as a requirement for completion.

Internships shall be employed to encourage proactive career development, as needed.

GSIA Admissions Policy

GSIA seeks the following types of people for admission.

People who have a strong desire to perform interdisciplinary research and who are seeking to achieve higher levels of specialized knowledge and practical skills.

People who have a strong interest in the problems facing global society and who want to contribute to their solution.

People who excel in creativity and have a strong desire to fulfill roles as global leaders.