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English-language curriculum カリキュラム

English-language curriculum

In view of the need to further global education, an English-language curriculum for obtaining a master’s degree has been established.

Students in this two-year program take courses conducted in English and prepare a master’s thesis in English.

Students in the Japanese-language master’s program may also take English-language courses with approval.

Program Intended For:

Foreign students, Japanese students with an interest in the English language, and those who are already pursuing a career and want to further their aim of becoming a leader in global society.

Program Characteristics

  1. The program consists of four career- and qualification-oriented study domains -- public policy, international politics and economics, international business, and tourism.
  2. Classes are conducted by instructors with a wealth of international experience and a practical approach to teaching.
  3. Speakers with extensive practical experience are invited to conduct special lectures.

Program Details

  1. Classes and master’s thesis consultations are conducted in English.
  2. Students prepare and submit class reports in English.
  3. Instructors provide support, on matters from class registration to report submission requirements, in English (or Japanese when appropriate).
  4. Students complete the program in two years. The minimum number of credits required for graduation is 34, including a master’s thesis.
  5. Students who are already pursuing a career may choose between submitting a master’s thesis or a project research

Curriculum Tree