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国際アドミニストレーション研究科学生研究発表会を開催しました | GSIA Student Presentation Day




​​​​​​One of our students explaing his key research question on his thesis





Student Presentation Day is the GSIA’s main event, where all the students make an oral presentation to report the progress of their master’s theses. It intends to provide students with a venue to demonstrate their research progresses and exchange ideas with peers and the faculty.

The presentations were very impressive. On November 25th, 31 students in their first and last semesters made their presentations, receiving comments and questions from the audience.

Another 35 students or more also participated in the event, listening attentively to their peers’ presentations. Our presentation sessions once again went smoothly and enthusiastically, we appreciate our students’ and faculty’s efforts and cooperation.

We wish the students best and look forward to hearing their progress next time.

We also had fruitful Q&A sessions between speakers and the floor