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石井准教授の「キャリア形成」の授業でアドミュージアム東京を訪問しました | Professor Ishii and his class students visited The Ad Museum Tokyo



A guide staff fluent in both Japanese and English took us through the meseum

石井准教授の「キャリア形成」の授業において、石井准教授と受講生たちがアドミュージアム東京 (東京・汐留)を訪問しました。




This museum is the only advertising museum in the world

Our Associate Professor Dr. Shinichi ISHII and his students visited Ad Museum Tokyo (Shiodome, Tokyo) as part of the activities in his "Career Development" class.

This museum is the only advertising museum in the world. It has been established and operated by the Hideo Yoshida Memorial Foundation, which carries on the legacy of Dentsu's fourth president.

At the museum, we were guided through the highlights of the museum by a guide staff fluent in both Japanese and English. This was a very valuable opportunity to deepen our understanding of the social and cultural value of advertising.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Printing Museum and all those involved for graciously accepting this inspection visit.


Pro. Ishii surrounded by his students and the guide staff