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JICA(国際協力機構)のナイジェリア国別研修で本学大学院国際アドミニストレーション研究科の石井准教授が「Logistics Development Strategy」を講義しました



2024年2月27日、JICA(国際協力機構)のナイジェリア国別研修で本学大学院国際アドミニストレーション研究科の石井准教授が「Logistics Development Strategy」を講義しました。


On February 27, 2024, Associate Professor Ishii led a training session for Nigerian government officials at the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) headquarters near the Kioicho campus.

The lecture is mainly about Japanese infrastructure development and its history. Six participants, two from the Nigerian Ministry of Finance, two from the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning, and one from the JICA Nigeria office, listened attentively to his lecture.