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Students at Ewha Woman’s University

From the Dean's Office


These two students from the Department of Intercultural Studies attended an intensive Korean course at Ewha Woman’s University, in Korea, from August 9 to 26. The classes were online, and according to them, they were able to enjoy the atmosphere without any Japanese language support. Some of the courses on Korean culture and business were offered in English.

Harue Miura from Miyagi Prefecture went to Korea in her high school days, and entered JIU with the intention of learning Korean language and more about the culture. She joined the long-term study abroad program, but with the pandemic, she had to return to Japan after two weeks.

Ayase Kashiwabara from Tokyo, is also in the Korean Course here at JIU. She is very interested in K Pop dance. Both students are in the very first class of the Korean Course in the Faculty of International Humanities.

I certainly hope that these students will have many more opportunities to go to Korea and that their level of motivation towards their studies keeps going up.