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Ambassador of the Republic of Czech visits JIU

From the Dean's Office


Dr. Martin Tomco, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Japan, visited the Togane campus on March 2. Czech language is taught at only two universities in Japan, and the Ambassador met with one of the students from the Department of International Exchange Studies who will be studying at Masaryk University in Brno from the fall semester. We are very much looking forward to continuing teaching Czech language and culture and promoting more exchanges between the two countries.

Ambassador Tomco, our student Yuka Chiba and Daniela Ryugo who teaches Czech at JIU.

マルチン・トムチョ大使、国際交流学科生千葉 悠々華さん、城西国際大学でチェコ語・文化を教える立古ダニエラ先生

マルチン・トムチョ大使、国際交流学科生千葉 悠々華さん、城西国際大学でチェコ語・文化を教える立古ダニエラ先生