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HL Subeen Jung

From the Dean's Office


I would like to introduce some exchange students who are currently studying in the Faculty of International Humanities.

Subeen Jung

Subeen Jung (Incheon National University, Korea. Department of Inter-cultural Studies)

Why did you choose to come to JIU?
In Korea, I received a list of universities to choose from, but only JIU had the word “international” in their name. With the pandemic, I was so worried if I’d be able to actually fly, but once in Japan, I’d be able to meet students from many other countries. 

After two quarters here, how do you evaluate your stay in Japan?
This was my last opportunity to study in Japan and, because of university regulations, I can only stay in Togane for six months. This has been a great experience for me to prepare myself to live and work in Japan after my graduation. I have experienced so many things—maybe a lot more than my peers in Korea—including assisting with Open Campus sessions, and living with other international students in the dormitory. I’ve had rewarding experiences so far.

What’s the best experience you have had so far?
Helping with Open Campus has been the best. Meeting with high school students and telling them about my life makes me think about lots of things and reflect on my past and future.

Why do you want to work in Japan in the future?
There are lots of things I want to do here in Japan—more than in Korea. When I look at the list of “things I want to do,” most of them are here. Some of these are little things such as “onsen meguri,” and collecting Japanese novels, and some are a bit bigger like getting my own house in Tokyo where I’d be able to appreciate nice views of the city.


鄭 琇彬(チョン・スビン)(韓国・仁川大学校、国際文化学科)