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From the Dean's Office


市山 マリア しげみ

Welcome, Everyone, to the Dean’s Office. I hope to be able to share with you some information about what is happening in the Faculty of International Humanities as often as possible.

This month I have started meeting with students from the Department of Inter-cultural Studies and the Department of International Exchange Studies on Thursdays. I would like to first hear the voices of the students who entered JIU this year and also of those who are graduating in March, 2022. In the fall semester, I plan to meet with the second and third-year students. Through their voices, I would like to be able to implement changes and improvements to our programs as needed. I would like to know more about who is studying here and what paths they would like to choose in the next few years.

We have students of different nationalities in this Faculty and it is my wish to be able to promote more opportunities for them all to meet and exchange ideas despite the current restrictions.

Please stay tuned!

Maria Shiguemi Ichiyama





市山 マリア しげみ