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Mizuta Scholarship Recipients 2021(2021年度 水田奨学生)

From the Dean's Office


Allow me to introduce the recipients of the Mizuta Scholarship 2021. These students have outstanding academic performance and are working very hard towards their future career goals. They are making very good use of what is available for them including language courses, teaching license programs, content courses and are promising leaders. I congratulate them on their excellent academic achievements and just hope they will continue growing and making the most of the years they are here with us. I am very proud to say they are excellent representatives of the Faculty of International Humanities and of Josai International University.


4th-year: Kana Saito from Fukushima Prefecture, Department of Inter-cultural Studies.
4年生 国際文化学科 齋藤奏さん (福島県出身)

3rd-year: Ibuki Seino from Chiba Prefecture, Department of International Exchange Studies. 
3年生 国際交流学科 清野歩紀さん (千葉県出身)


2nd-year: Kirie Alexa Shimizu from Nagano Prefecture, Department of International Exchange Studies. 
2年生 国際交流学科 清水 季理恵アレクサさん (長野県出身)

清水 季理恵アレクサさん