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Online Summer Program at Ateneo de Manila University

From the Dean's Office



Today, I was very pleased to have tea with these two first-year students who participated in the Intensive English Program-Online at Ateneo de Manila University from August 16 to September 16. According to them, they decided to participate after the announcement I made in my TOEIC course in July. Rioka Kinjo said she chose to join the program because she is in the teaching license program and, with the pandemic situation, she wasn’t sure about the future opportunities she might have or not have to study abroad. Rio Chichibu said she wanted to keep her motivation level towards her language studies and therefore decided to take advantage of this opportunity. She is in the Kendo Club and was able to practice every afternoon as the Ateneo classes were held from 10 to 1 pm.

Their program consisted of two classes: Intermediate Skills in Reading and Writing and Intermediate Skills in Listening & Speaking. They had two different teachers and their classmates were mainly from Okayama University. They worked in groups and quite often prepared presentations together. As they all have different majors, their contributions were different and supplemented each other.


彼女たちのプログラムは2つのクラスで構成されていました。 「Intermediate Skills in Reading and Writing」と「 Intermediate Skills in Listening & Speaking」です。先生は2人いて、クラスメイトは主に岡山大学から参加している学生でした。グループワークを行い、一緒にプレゼンテーションを行うこともありました。みな、専攻が異ななっていて、貢献できる部分もそれぞれ違っていたので、、お互いに補い合っていました。

The impression I had from our conversation is that these students are now a lot more confident and also even more motivated towards their studies at JIU. Some other students also took part in this program and were in a different class. Some people seem to think that the pandemic has brought only negative challenges to university students, but these students didn’t hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to spend the summer studying English and practicing Kendo, and studying English and spending time with her family.

I certainly hope that more students will take advantage of the new styles of choices that are now available to them. They can interact with the world and build a good network through the programs with our sister institutions without leaving their home university.