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  • ヴィシエグラード4プラス日本セミナー2022年「中欧の未来とそこで日本が果たす役割」 Visegrad 4 plus Japan Seminar 2022 Theme: "The Future of Central Europe and the Role Japan Can Play There"

ヴィシエグラード4プラス日本セミナー2022年「中欧の未来とそこで日本が果たす役割」 Visegrad 4 plus Japan Seminar 2022 Theme: "The Future of Central Europe and the Role Japan Can Play There"

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 2022 年6月14日(火)、外務省、ヴィシエグラード・グループ(V4)諸国、学校法人城西大学の共催により、「中欧の将来と日本が果たす役割」をテーマに完全オンラインにて「V4プラス・ジャパン・セミナー」が開催されました。


 続いて、V4各国からのプレゼンテーションにうつり、最初に、2021-2022年のヴィシェグラード(V4)議長国であるハンガリーの外務貿易省大臣指名委員である、クリスティーナ・ヴァルジュ(Krisztina Varju)氏が「チャレンジの時代における中欧+日本協力 ハンガリーの視点」と題してプレゼンテーションを行いました。



日時2022年6月14日(火) 16 :00-18 :00
会議形式:オンライン(Zoom) 会場:オンライン 使用言語:英語


The Visegrad 4 (V4) plus Japan Seminar 2022 was held successfully online with the theme: "The Future of Central Europe and the Role Japan Can Play There". Thanks to the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the Visegrad Croup (V4) countries, and Josai University Educational Corporation, who jointly co-hosted the fully online V4 plus Japan Seminar due to the ongoing pandemic on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. 

About 70 people, including officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, officials of related embassies and countries based in Japan, researchers of universities, specialists, media representatives, faculty, staff and students from the two Josai Universities participated in the Seminar.

In the Seminar, opening remarks were delivered by Dr. Yozo Fujino, President of Josai University; His Excellency, Norbert Palanovics, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary in Japan (VA Presidency); and representing the Japanese government, Mr. Kentaro Uesugi, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, addressed the audience in confirmation of common values and collaborations given the current regional circumstances. 

Subsequently, presentations were delivered from all V4 countries, starting firstly with Ms. Krisztina Varju, Ministerial Commissioner of the Hungarian Presidency of the Visegard Cooperation (V4) in 2021-2022, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, whose presentation was titled: "Central Europe + Japan cooperation in an era of challenges - Hungarian Perspectives. Secondly, by Mr. Marek Repovsky, Director of the Asian Pacific and Latin America Department, Slovakian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs entitled: "The future of Central Europe and the Role Japan Can Play There from the Slovak Perspective. Thirdly, His Excellency Petr Mares, The Czech Republic Ambassador and Executive Director of the Visegrad Fund with his presentation title of "V4 support for civil society in Western Balkans: Potential of Cooperation with Japan." Finally, a Polish counterpart also presented in line with the current circumstances in the region.

The floor was then opened for the discussants and panelists. JIU’s Director of Center for Language Education, Professor Woolstencroft, represented Josai International University as commentator, commended the presenters who delivered their speeches from their respective perspectives with well selected terminology given the sensitivity of the issues at hand. Two other discussants questioned and answered about the role Japan should play in the region. This was then followed up by an address on Japan's status by Mr. Katsuro Kitagawa, Deputy Director-General, European Affairs Bureau, Ambassador in-charge of Visegrad Croup plus Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Finally, the Seminar was successfully concluded with closing remarks by Dr. Kenji Sugibayashi, President of Josai International University. All in all, despite the Seminar being conducted online, the turnout and the contents of presentations were quite timely with the current socio-economic and political climate in the region thus raising the needed awareness. Gratitude is extended to all the many people who have collaborated and participated in realizing and successfully concluding the Seminar.

Co-host: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the following respective Embassies in Tokyo: Embassy of Hungary, in Collaboration with the Embassy of Slovak Republic, the Embassy of the Czech Republic, the Embassy of Poland and the Josai University Educational Corporation's Josai University and Josai International University
Date and Time: Tuesday, June 14, 2022 from: 16:00-18:00
Format: Online (Zoom)      Venue: Online    Language: English