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「鉄のカーテンの向こうのスロヴァキアにおけるコンピューターゲームの制作」展覧会のオープニングセレモニーを開催/Opening Ceremony Held for Exhibition: "Production of Computer Games in Slovakia behind the Iron Curtain"



Mr. Daniel Smihula, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Tokyo, addresses the students at the opening ceremony (right).

Students from the Faculty of Media Studies at the opening ceremony

在日スロヴァキア大使館のダニエル・シュミフラ(Daniel SMIHULA)経済・商務参事官が10月25日に東京紀尾井町キャンパスを訪問し、「鉄のカーテンの向こうのスロヴァキアにおけるコンピューターゲームの制作」展覧会のオープニングセレモニーを、メディア学部とともに開催しました。

On October 25, 2022, Mr. Daniel Smihula, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Tokyo, visited the Tokyo Kioicho Campus to hold the opening ceremony for the exhibition "Production of Computer Games in Slovakia behind the Iron Curtain" in conjunction with the Faculty of Media Studies.


The exhibition is being hosted by Josai International University, which has close ties with Slovakia through its partner universities, in order to introduce and highlight the community and subculture of computer game creators in Slovakia between 1985 and 1992.


Under the communist regime, which lasted until 1989 in the midst of the Cold War, young people bravely confronted and protested against the communist ideology. In doing so, they formed their own subculture in resistance, despite being denounced by the government at the time as anti-regime for their "excessive Western thinking”. Most were young amateur computer game makers who owned small home video game consoles and expressed their own political views through game production.


In preparation for the event, Mr. Smihula and students from the Faculty of Media Studies enjoyed putting up 22 posters on the first floor of Building 3 on our campus. After the ceremony, Mr. Smihula spoke to the students about those posters and their social and political background, touching on his own personal experiences, during the students’ "Global Entertainment" class. Students in the Faculty of Media Studies, which schools game creators, programmers, and other professionals for new media roles, and which has a visual arts course, listened attentively expanding on their inherent interest in the world of games.

Mr. Smihula, explains the posters to the students (right).

Giving a lecture at the Faculty of Media Studies.


The exhibition provides a rare opportunity to experience the history and culture of Slovakia during the Cold War, and we hope that all those who are interested will come and visit.

開催期間 2022年10月25日(火)~11月7日(月)/Dates: October 25 (Tuesday) - November 7 (Monday), 2022.
場所 城西国際大学 東京紀尾井町キャンパス3号棟1階/Venue: Josai International University, Tokyo Kioicho Campus, Building 3, 1F.

Commemorative photo with students from the Faculty of Media Studies

Displaying posters