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Program Features カリキュラム

Our program is intended to nurture professionals, researchers, and educators who possess international and interdisciplinary knowledge and are well versed in the following four areas of studies:

Public Policy

International Politics and Economics

International Business



Program Features

1. Classes taught at the modern, conveniently located Tokyo Kioicho Campus


2. English-language curriculum

In view of the need to further global education, an English-language curriculum for obtaining a master’s degree has been established.

For more information, visit English-language curriculum


3. Ideal environment for those already pursuing careers

For those who would like to obtain a master’s degree while continuing their career, GSIA offers the following benefits

  1. Conveniently located campus with a vibrant international atmosphere
  2. Diverse, deeply experienced faculty
  3. Classes held mainly during evenings and on Saturdays
  4. Classes conducted in English. Graduation possible with English-only coursework or with a combination of English and Japanese coursework.
  5. System for granting credits for professional experience enables graduation in as little as one year.
  6. Master’s thesis can be based on a work-related topic

Campus and its Neighborhood

Campus Building No.1

Campus Building No.1

 Campus Building Nos.2 & 3

Campus Building Nos.2 & 3