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Post-Graduation Careers and Alumni カリキュラム

Post-Graduation Careers

Public Policy

Central government ministries, local governments, policy research institutions, think tanks and other government/government-related institutions, private organizations (NPOs, NGOs, etc.)

International Politics and Economics

United Nations-related institutions, foreign ministries and other central government institutions, local governments, international cooperation organizations, international exchange organizations, inbound investment promotion organizations, and other government-related organizations

International Business

Japan-based global companies, foreign companies with Japan branch offices, and consulting firms


Air carriers, travel industry, hotels, and other tourism-related companies

Employers Who Have Hired GSIA Graduates

Accenture Japan / DJI Japan, K.K. / JICA Kazakhstan / Embassy of Hungary in Tokyo / Group M Japan K.K. / H.I.S. Co., Ltd / Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd / Japanese Organization for Medical Device Development, Inc / MITSUI & CO., LTD / Mori Trust Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd / NIPPON LANGUAGE ACADEMY / OOTOYA Holdings Co., Ltd / POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS INC / RS Technologies Co., Ltd / SEION Co., Ltd / SMGNEWS / Teikyo University / Tianjin Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd / Shigiya Machinery Works, Ltd. / and others.


Khuong Tran (Vietnam)

GSIA offers freedom and opportunity to study what you want.Professors are devoted to help you develop your skills and expertise for your future career.

I'm a person who is passionate about venture business and creating digital products that are useful to society. The biggest draw that brought me to Japan is my such business mindset. At GSIA, I capitalized on the freedom and opportunity to research venture business, venture capital, and innovations with tremendous supports from GSIA professors

Khuong Tran (Vietnam)

GSIA Classs of 2021
Employer: Accenture Japan (Product Designer)

Liu Dan (Ankang, Shaanxi, China)

With what I have learned in GSIA, I will use my experience to contribute to Japan’s digitalization and data science area.

My master’s thesis is “Marketing Strategy with AI technology - Japanese corporations' Case Study”. After graduation, I work in an American media investment agency in Tokyo. With what I have learned in GSIA, I will use my experience to contribute to Japan’s digitalization and data science area

Liu Dan (Ankang, Shaanxi, China)

GSIA Classs of 2022
Employer: GroupM Japan