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小松准教授がGLOBALIZED by WOVN.ioに登壇します | Associate Prof. Komatsu to talk at GLOBALIZED by




小松悟朗准教授がGLOBALIZED by WOVN.ioに登壇します
Associate Professor Goro KOMATSU to talk at “GLOBALIZED by”

11月2日、国際アドミニストレーション研究科(GSIA)の小松悟朗准教授が、GLOBALIZED by WOVN.ioに登壇します。

“GLOBALIZED” (byとは、急速にグローバル化する日本に求められる新いテクノロジーとビジネスを体感するカンファレンスです。

今回のカンファレンスのテーマは「大学国際化の最前線、どう向き合うか “留学生40万人計画” ~ これからの大学広報が届けるべきこととは」です。




On November 2nd, Associate Professor Goro KOMATSU of Graduate School of International Administration (GSIA) of Josai International University (JIU) will talk at “GLOBALIZED by” conference.

This hybrid conference is a part of conference series designed to experience new technologies and businesses crucial to a rapidly globalizing Japan.

The conference this November is titled “The Frontier of Globalization in Universities: What Public Relations of Universities can do for the Target of 400,000 International Students.”

Our associate professor will talk about globalization and JIU, why and how we use WOVN for JIU’s website, and our futures PR strategies, together with Keiko UESUGI, who was in charge of the installation of this technology. 

We look forward to seeing you at the session!

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